Liquids do not cut yourself with a knife "or", "boils the time does not mean that we cannot ignore Or plastic water bottle hole drilling. Notes on the text of the special precautions that Especially should pay attention to. General Security

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Accidents, carelessness, rush, a lack of sufficient information or taking unnecessary risks paying anything why A commitment to practical security procedures and experiments can be avoided. Additional security arrangements to make sure to check the individual experiments in this book and Adult supervision requirements. If you are working in the lab, alone will not work. What Working off Site, at least three people in the group to keep in groups and after school The State heads of the legal conditions and is required. Under the supervision of an adult, ask A small first aid kit, first aid fi fi basic training. Make sure everyone knows where This person will be the time to experiment Adidas Preparing for the clean all surfaces before starting the experiment. Read the instructions before you begin. know the risks and dangers of the experiment possible. Security measures 9 Protect yourself from follow the instructions step by step. If only one trial at a time. , lightweight blanket and extinguishers, the main gas and electric shut-off s, eye coloring, And the light first-aid kit. Make sure you have adequate ventilation. horseplay – do not. not fl oor and the environment, neat, clean and dry. to clean up spills immediately. Glass breaks, ask the teacher for help, not so clean. connect the long hair back. , eat, drink, or smoke in the laboratory or work environment. do not eat or drink item tested conditions allow you to do this Adult Trained. Adidas Carefully using equipment stay away from the edge of the table. a knife or other sharp instruments needed. do not pull the cables, plugs, electric plugs. clear glass and rear before er usage. scratches, cracks, and check the glass for sharp edges. cleaning broken glass immediately. do not use sunlight to refl ected light microscope. touch the metal conductors\ Place it on a heat-resistant heat resistant your laboratory benches, Donato a Bunsen burner or you This lighting before mat. be careful when your Bunsen off this light and maybe lighting blowhole and use Bunsen may prefer light wood matches. Turn off the Bunsen burner and gas in January, when you're done. fl AMES fl ammable substances and keep it away from other heat sources. Do you have a fi re extinguisher in your hand. Before the completion of the clean any glass used in the work area and oroughly. Wash your hands.

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chemicals or reagents to return the wrong Bowl be careful not to dirty. do not throw such an instruction as long as the material sinks. place a suitable container for all the mess and disposal. in accordance with all local, State and federal laws, check out all chemicals. Always be conscious of security 11, 1 Scientifi c Athlete